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Battery Information

Can I use a different charger?
No, the chargers we supply have been approved by the battery manufacturers we use. This means the charger will deliver exactly what the battery needs. Other chargers may not do this. The use of a different charger on a lithium battery can prove very dangerous! Please note that if a different charger is used then the warranty will be voided.
What happens if my battery stops before the end of my round?
If your battery stops before the completion of the round, your GolfCad trolley is dual-purpose and can operate without a battery so you can complete your game. When you get home, open up the battery bag and check the battery terminals to ensure that they are properly connected. If this does not resolve the issue, please contact our support team.
Is my battery ready to use as soon as the green light shows on the charger?
When the green light is showing, the battery is fully charged and ready to be used.
If I only play 9 holes, do I still have to recharge the battery before the next game?
The battery must always be charged after every use irrespective of the number of holes played.
I have just received my new trolley, put the battery on charge and the light has gone green in less than an hour, is anything faulty?
GolfCad batteries are partially charged prior to delivery. We always recommend charging your battery for at least 8 hours before it is used for the first time.
How long does the battery take to recharge?
After a full round of golf it will take approximately 6 hours to recharge the battery. If you forget to recharge your battery, don’t worry! You can always use your GolfCad as a push trolley.
How heavy are GolfCad batteries?

GolfCad’s lithium battery is the lightest, weighting only 2.5kg.