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Golfcad Electric Golf Buggy



This Goldcad Golf Buggy is the new State of the Art electric operated buggy with zero emissions.
The power is transmitted from a n award winning United States made 48 Volt 107 Amp Trojan Lithium Battery. The Lithium Battery is guaranteed to last 750 rechargers. The battery can be recharged in 6 hours depending on the distance covered during a round of golf. On a full charge the
Buggy can cover 100 kilometres or 62 miles, which is by far the longest distance covered by an such golf buggy. The 5 Kilowatt AC Motor is operated from the electric current from the Lithium Battery providing sufficient speed to ascend the steepest of hills
The software in the Controller has a unique feature in that the speed of the Buggy can be increased above 21 KPH.
The 4 Wheel Disc Brakes provide exceptional safety on the golf course and parking is operated by electromagnetic braking, which will prevent the buggy from moving off on the steepest of slopes.
Tyres used are 8.6 PLY and wheel rims are aluminium.
There is provision in the buggy to recharge mobile phones. An all weather heavy cover with leads is provided to totally protect the Golfcad from the elements when parked in the open.
The Golfcad Buggy is fitted with  2 front Headlamps, 2 Taillamps, a Traffic Indicator, 2 side Mirrors, a Rear View Mirror and a horn. These additional items are provided for the Buggy to be driven on roads.


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